Ooh – Pick Me!

Dance Advantage – a Houston-based dance blog by dancer/writer/mom Nichelle Strzepek — is holding a contest for top dance blogs of 2010. She was kind enough to bring this to my attention, so let’s do this!

Here’s the deal:  Show your support for Rogue Ballerina in the Dance News/Criticism category by commenting on this post.  That’s it!  All comments are welcome (please don’t curse!)…say why you like RB, a post you particularly enjoyed, things you’d like to see more of, whatever.  The 10 blogs with the most comments will advance to a voting stage.

After commenting (before December 22nd!), don’t forget to check out the Dance Advantage site here.

59 responses to “Ooh – Pick Me!

  1. Thanks for all that you do!!! You have a talent for capturing the true essence of a dancer. You are such a natural…!

  2. Love this blog. Keep up the great work!

  3. Always nice to have someone writing about dance who KNOWS about dance. Four stars for Rogue Ballerina!

  4. Enjoying Christmas and Vicki’s blog from Boulay, France.
    Merde, R.B.!

  5. Good luck Vicki. Hubbard Street is rooting for you.

  6. Gogogo!!! Great blog, one more vote!! 🙂 H

  7. Michael Anderson

    Vicki’s Rogue Ballerina blog is great! I look to it for all the inside scoop and dance info in the city.

  8. RB blog is amazing!

  9. RB is the best!!

  10. Well written and compelling.

  11. Amazing blog! Love Rogue Ballerina!

  12. I love me some Rogue Ballerina! Good luck!!!

  13. RB rocks my socks! Vicki is a beautifully talented writer who knows her stuff. RB is a must-read for the in-crowd and ‘dance world curious’ *ahem* like myself 😀

  14. LOVE Rogue Ballerina. Editor/Blogger Vicki always keeps me in the loop on the latest in the Chicago dance scene. I wonder if she’ll go see Black Swan with me? ; )

  15. Thanks for your unique perspective on all things dance!

  16. RB is a cool place to check out thoughtful observations about dance in Chicago! : )

  17. What is not to love about this website? It is insightful and fun, and FRESH!

  18. Passion and beauty. The Best dance blog ever!!!

  19. RB raises the ballet bar for any type of dance in Chicago. Great source for the vast offerings in our amazingly talented city. Plus, a great source for the dance audience to keep up on the campy, couture, classic and crisp companies offering beauty, strength, innovation and heart in their productions. I tip my tutu to you, RB!

  20. Rogue Ballerina is fabulous!!!!!!! A great way to find out about Chicago dance!

  21. RB’s prose is more elegant than Swan Lake.

  22. Thank you for such an awesome dance blog on Chicago!

  23. Your blog is a great source of story ideas for us, as always!

  24. thanks for supporting dance rb!!

  25. Douglas Hoekstra

    Keep up the good work. Much needed contribution to Chicago Dance.

  26. RB is THE BEST!!!

  27. Your blogs or shall we say “ruminations” are always insightful and thought provoking. Thank you!

  28. Love RB ~ Keep up the great writting!

  29. Love this blog!!!

  30. Just discovered RB this year and I think it’s great!

  31. Love this blog! Keep it up! =)

  32. Keep up the good work RB!

  33. Rogue Ballerina is beautiful and talented. She is loved by all the world.

  34. RB is such an amazing blog because it gives a voice to all dance companies – big and small. It is well-rounded in terms of the various types of dance featured that it just feels like THE site to visit when looking for relevant dance in Chicago. Definitely one of the Top Dance Blogs in my eyes!

  35. Rogue Ballerina is the rosin that keeps me from slipping off into ignorance. Chicago is the ideal city to experience the full spectrum of the current dance scene, and RB clearly knows not just technique, but also who’s who and what’s what in her city, and how to get to the story without getting bogged down in the drama and politics of any one company. Love your writing RB and that your eyes don’t miss a thing! Reading you is like a warm hug that reminds me whether we’re performing these days or not, all of us who trained so hard will always be Dancers, so when our discerning eyes maybe see a new piece or a re-mounting of an old favourite differently, we at least speak the same language.

    God bless ya RB for keeping me in the Loop even when I’m not!

  36. I love RB. It keeps me informed on what to see when visiting the area.

  37. awesome. RB has the most amazing posts about what’s happening in the Chicago dance scene, as well as from other places. keep it up!!!

  38. Have to cast a vote for my fellow Chicago dance writer! Keep up the great work!

  39. Love Rogue Ballerina! It really promotes dance in Chicago. I always look forward to reading it!! Good luck.

  40. I love RB because it gives me the inside scoop as to what’s going on in the dance circuit in Chicago and it gives wonderful perspective of the performances after the fact. I value the bloggers opinion and critique because I know she has spent her life dancing and appreciate her giving back to the community in this way.

  41. RB is a must in order to keep in tune with the Chicago dance scene! She obviously has a background in dance and is a talented writer.

  42. Rogue Ballerina has my vote! Thanks for keeping me up to date on the dance scene in Chicago.

  43. I love RB, combining my love for the arts and Chicago it is very informative and fun to read. Good luck and Congratulations!!

  44. Rogue Ballerina is the best blog on dance that I’ve read. It’s insightful, doesn’t talk down to you and gives me information that I can’t find anywhere else. Great site!!!

  45. I love the Rogue Ballerina blog, it is informative, witty and well written. Keep up the good work!!

  46. I really enjoy reading about the dance performances and companies in the Chicago area. Keep up the good work.

  47. R.B. has my vote! It keeps me up-to-date on the Chicago dance scene. I love how inclusive it is of all that is happening with the various companies, large and small, and also the various genres. As a dancer, the descriptive and constructive reviews enable me to picture the dancers and experience their performances from afar. This site is top notch!

  48. RB is great! Well written and informative. What a great representation of Chicago’s dance scene! I always look forward to what’s next !!

  49. I love having RB keep me up to date on the Chicago dance scene!

  50. You have my vote 100,000%. Does each % count?

  51. I enjoy RB because she’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic and covers a wide range of Chicago dance.

  52. I LOVE RB!! The blog is timely, constructive, and features dancers, companies, students, choreographers from a variety of genres and levels. And let’s face it, Rogue Ballerina is an awesome title!!!

  53. You definitely have our vote! We love looking at the Chicago dance scene through your eyes!

  54. LOVE RB! Keeps me up-to-date on all of the dancing going on that I miss!

  55. R.B. is the best! It is absolutely where I go to get the latest information on Chicago’s dance scene! Love it!

  56. How could I not comment? This blog is insightful, and approachable to a dance novice… FUN! GO R.B.!!!

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