Fouette Madness!

I found a new video to add to my fouette obsession.  Thanks to Calvin Kitten for introducing me (via web video) to his friend Lali Kandelaki, who dances for the State Ballet of Georgia, Tblisi.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I watched it again and squealed (out loud, at work).  She is…amazing!

6 responses to “Fouette Madness!

  1. I love it when ballerinas do the fouette on pointe without the plié…have only seen a couple of others manage this consistently in a coda (I believe a single one is in the choreography for Symphony in C).

    As for the changing spots…there is a video of Tamara Rojo, just kind of messing around and doing fouettes to the right, but changing her spot to the left! She’s never done it in a performance and rightfully so because it’s insane!

  2. Wow – spotting in a circle. She is awsome!

  3. How is that humanly possible?! I would give up anything for her center.

  4. WOW! almost as good as me, but she needs a little work.

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