Growing up in a small town in Central Illinois (shout out to Decatur!), a young girl read, wrote in her diary, danced and dreamed of living in the big city. She took a very circuitous route over many, many years, but eventually ended up exactly where she wanted to be.  Now, she is a Chicago-based freelance writer, former dancer/teacher and proud mama to a 6-year-old Bichon Frise named Giselle (aka Gigi!).

While slowly getting writing assignments and building her portfolio, she realized that most of the good stuff from the interviews never made it into the published articles, so she started a blog where she could ask more intriguing questions with hopes that dancers and dance lovers would come and read the interviews and learn a little more about the creative force of the dance community.

Email your thoughts, questions, ideas, etc to:

10 responses to “Backstage

  1. Dear Rogue Ballerina:

    This site is very exciting! Thankyou for posting women’s work for the CCBdance Project. It is deeply appreciated. Please add us to your list!

    celia bambara
    ccbdance project
    praxis place
    1474 N. Milwaukee

  2. Hello! I saw your site on Adriana’s post. Add me to your email list!

  3. Love your site! Thank you so much for writing about dance in Chicago! (I heard about your blog from the recent Elements Ballet eblast…)

  4. Sorry to just leave a comment but I didn’t see a way to contact you directly.
    I thought you might be interested in the Reader’s Choice dance blog contest I’ve got going on right now:

    I hope you’ll enter and good luck!


  5. Jennifer Schreiber Herbert

    O…M…G, girl – Reading the Nouvelles Du Ballet article “Act Four” about the CU Ballet, and who’s name do I see? Deanna told me you where writing up in Chicago. I said to my daughter “Remember the girl I’ve told you about that I went to highschool with who was a ballerina? She wrote this article.” (She’s a junior company member for the CU Ballet, and has been dancing with the Champaign Ballet Academy since she was four). Great article!! I’m sure my daughter will be reading your blog from now on. Congrats on your success!

  6. Deanna Barton Chilton

    Hi Vicki! A shout back from fellow Decaturites. Imagine my surprise in finding this blog and seeing your name. My daughter is an apprentice in a dance company here in Indy so we often do web searches into the world of dance. Looks like you are doing well. Would love to catch up sometime.

  7. Good Start … I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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